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There is a 2-hour minimum for each consultation. All things that are discussed during the consolation are confidential.




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There is a 2-hour minimum for each consultation. All things that are discussed during the consolation are confidential.


Consultations are intended for those who either can’t afford a producer, or just need help getting things together, and want to produce their project themselves. If you are looking to book us as your producer. Please visit our contact us page. Below are different suggested topics that can be discussed but you are not limited to during consolations. Feel free to come up with your own topics, and if they are in the scope of our profession we will be glad to assist you with those as well.

Day Of Coordinating/

 Beginning Stages Of Production 

How To Fill Seats

The more organized and prepared you are for the day of your event the more enjoyable the event will be for all. Here at LDA Productions, LLC we will help you organize yourself so that your event will run as smoothly as possible. If you are also in need of a Producer for your event, we can meet about how we might be of service to you in producing your event as well. We will use our experience and expertise to help you produce an event that people will be talking about for years to come. 
Many clients have an idea for an event, but have no idea how to get started preparing for it, or what they are going to need to make it happen. That is where LDA Productions, LLC comes in. With our many years of experience we will help you get your event started on the right path and show you what you will need to make sure your event is a success. 
You can have an awesome event, but if there is no one there to see all of your hard work it makes everything you have done pointless. That is where LDA Productions, LLC comes in. We will show you different methods based on your event that will help you get the word out and fill those seats.

Creating Photoshoot Concepts

How To Utilize Social Media

How To Get Sponsors

One question that many clients have is how do I get sponsors for my event? Sponsors can be vital to an events success, but extremely tuff to get.  If you’re not sure of what you are doing, they can be impossible to get. That is where LDA Productions, LLC comes in. We will guide you on how to start communicating with sponsors and what you will need to properly approach them and attract them to your event. 
For models, businesses, etc. having editorials done in a way that represents you positively is a must. The pictures that you take represent you and your brand. Here at LDA Productions we can help you come up with a concept that will represent you and your brand in a positive light that will portray the correct message you are trying to present.
Social media capabilities are a must have in today’s business world. Not being able to appropriately manage your social media accounts can cost you potential clients. This is where LDA Productions, LLC comes in. We will help you gain the knowledge of how to use social media to your advantage to boost your business and attract and retain clients.

*All Information that is shared during consultations is completely confidential * 
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